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Cosmic Drifters witchy black dresses

Lifestyle and Culture, Witchcraft

29 Nov 2023

Why Witches Should Support Slow Fashion – A Sustainable Style Guide

yule decoration banner

Lifestyle and Culture

8 Nov 2023

17 Magical Gifts Your Witchy Friend Will Love

salem witch trials events, facts & victims


25 Oct 2023

5 Hanging Victims of the 1692 Salem Witch Trials

wlpr (1)

Lifestyle and Culture

11 Oct 2023

20 Spooky Podcasts – The Best Horror Podcasts for Halloween

witchy films

Lifestyle and Culture

27 Sep 2023

The 13 Best Witch Movies of All Time – What to Watch this Halloween

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Brand Updates

5 May 2023

What Happened to Cosmic Drifters?

moon banner


9 Feb 2023

How to Host a Moon Circle – Ritual Ideas for the Full Moon & New Moon

goblincore small

Lifestyle and Culture

26 Jan 2023

Explaining Goblincore: The Feral Fashion Trend Celebrating Frogs, Goblins, Dirt and Mud

dark academia

Lifestyle and Culture

11 Jan 2023

Explaining Dark Academia: The Moody TikTok Aesthetic Inspired by Classic Literature



22 Dec 2022

8 Ways to Celebrate Yule – Happy Winter Solstice!

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Lifestyle and Culture

9 Dec 2022

10 Terrifying Christmas Monsters from Myth & Folklore

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Lifestyle and Culture

2 Dec 2022

The Whimsigothic Home Decor Trend Taking Over TikTok – Everything You Need to Know