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17 Magical Gifts Your Witchy Friend Will Love

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Need a witchy gift for your witchy friend? From crystals to tarot decks, we have all the suggestions you need! Look no further than our witch gift guide 2023 …

Yule is just around the corner! Meaning very soon we will be exchanging heartfelt presents and sharing a yuletide feast. The best way to avoid seasonal stress is to plan your gift ideas early. This guide features gifts for the modern witch… that your witchy friend will actually use!

We believe in shopping small and making conscious choices, for this reason we will only be sharing ethical companies and offering handmade alternatives where possible.

Let’s add some hocus pocus to the festive season!

Witch Gift Guide 2023:

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1) Spell Candles

Candles of all kinds are sure to be a hit with any witch in your life, but did you know they carry great symbolism often used in spells and pagan rituals?

Candle magick is a simple form of witchcraft that focuses on manifestation. The flame is believed to connect the physical world to the spiritual realm, while different colours release a particular kind of energy. Have a look into the meaning of each colour and create a gift that is personal to what your witch needs!

These Magic Spell Candles from Yellow Sunrise are the perfect addition to any witch’s magickal kit. Complete the gift with some thrifted or hand made candle holders.


2) New Baby Witch Starter Kit – Essential Witch Supplies!

Every beginner witch needs to start somewhere! A baby witch starter kit is full of useful tools ideal for those who are new to witchcraft. Think crystals, herbs, spell cards and essential items for an altar set up.

The beauty of this gift is that it can be purchased as a pre-made set, or you can design the kit yourself. They are also available at a range of price points and are usually made by knowledgable witches keen to share their craft.

Here are three kits at varying prices:

New Witch Essentials Kit from Boadicea Witches – £15.99

Witch Starter Kit Chest from Once Upon a Spell Gifts – £44.99

Witch Supplies Starter Kit from Nevidium Faery Goth – £103.36

3) Personalised Moon Phase Necklace

If you’re looking for a thoughtful present to commemorate a specific date, this personalised idea might be exactly what you need.

Every good witch lives by the phases of the moon, what better way to celebrate a special memory than preserving the moon phase of that night in a beautiful piece of jewellery.

UK based small business Cassiopi specialise in moon phase jewels sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face.

The Personalised Moon Phase Necklace is our pick! Presented in a gift box and made with love.

original tiny custom moon phase pendant

4) Wellness Witch Self-Care Kit

Any modern witch can confirm it’s tiring work existing in todays world! What’s a witch without an ongoing existential crisis anyway?

Here is another adaptable gift idea to cater to all budgets and shopping preferences. This is the perfect opportunity to craft a thoughtful or handmade gift, featuring home made bath elixirs, bath bombs, candles or cleansing ritual spell cards. If you wish to include something that can be kept, add in a useful book such as Wellness Witch by Nikki Van De Car.

Low on time? This Self Love Witches Altar Tin by Boadicea Witches is the perfect gift for any practicing witch that needs a little boost.


5) Mystical Witchy Clothing 

We might be biased, but receiving ethically made, magical clothing is probably our favourite kind of gift! Anybody that partakes in witchy style knows just how hard it is to find brands that resonate with both the witchy aesthetic and adhere to certain moral guidelines.

Our brand, Cosmic Drifters, provides handmade wares for witches of all shapes and sizes!

Have time to go thrifting? This could be the perfect opportunity to find something unique and one of a kind. This could also be an ideal time to flex your crafting skills, a crocheted shawl or bag will always go down well.

Want to know more about why witchcraft and fashion go hand in hand? Check out our blog posts on the Whimsigothic movement and the Witchcore aesthetic.

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6) Modern Witch Tarot Card Deck

Every cosmic witch needs a stunning tarot deck! For divination and guidance, tarot and oracle decks are indispensable tools. There are countless unique decks available, each with its own symbolism and energy.

Tarot gifts are a fantastic way to support local artists and choose an art style individual to your loved one.

Check out The Modern Witch Tarot Deck by Lisa Sterle, or for the green witch in your life, The Mushroom Hunter’s Arcanum by Fungi Arcana.


7) Crystals

Every witch is a crystal witch, these stunning stones have been used in spiritual practices for centuries. From protection to healing, each crystal has its own unique properties.

Some popular choices include:

  • Amethyst: A powerful stone for intuition and calming energies.
  • Rose Quartz: Known for promoting love, self-care, and emotional healing.
  • Clear Quartz: The master healer, amplifying intentions and purifying energy.

Crystals can be presented so many ways! A simple stone in a decorative bag with a handwritten message about its meaning, or handmade jewellery featuring the gem of your choice, both are a wonderfully thoughtful gift.

Check out UK based small business Luna Amatores for crystals in all forms!

8) Wiccan Wheel of the Year or Zodiac Calendar

A calendar is the ideal gift for witches who want to stay on top of key dates. The Wiccan Wheel of the Year keeps track of the eight Sabbats and seasonal changes, while an astrological calendar keeps note of moon phases and important lunar transits.

This gift is both useful and a beautiful piece of witchy home decor. Feeling artsy? Design your own calendar as a wall hanging.

Here is a stunning Wheel of the Year Print illustrated by Wild Fen Shop.


9) Ye Olde Bag of Witchy Shit Accessory Bag

Does your witch friend live a cluttered existence? Maximalism is a trait often associated with many witches, there are just so many trinkets that come with the lifestyle! Pouches and bags are a useful tool to store accessories, herbs or general witchy accoutrements.

This could be any kind of pouch, something thrifted, something made or something bought.

This Ye Olde Bag of Witchy Shit Pouch by Tales From the Coven is a cute and comedic option.

10) Witchy Decor – Celestial Wall Plaques & Pentagrams

If your witchy friend already has everything they need for their practice, home decor is a sure way to go! From incense and candle holders, to cushions and throws, no magical home is complete without a touch of interior design.

Awesome gifts could include a stunning new plant, vintage lamp or an ornate picture frame; there are so many witchy ways to level up a room.

Check out our blog post on Whimsigothic Home Decor for top tips on witchy decorating.


11) Mortar and Pestle

Every kitchen witch knows the importance of a mortar and pestle! While this might seem like one of the more unusual gifts on our list, this is an essential item for grinding herbs and blending spell ingredients together.

This is a fantastic present to buy second hand as they often go unused in a standard kitchen! Create a gift set by including dried herbs and spices.

Mason jars or witchy wooden spoons for cooking are also great additions to this gift.

12) Witches Brew

With the colder months officially here, it is definitely brew season! Tea blends are an accessible form of herbal magick while also offering natural remedies to seasonal ailments.

Companies such as Witches Tea offer many pre-made blends described as ‘a ritual in a cup’. It is also possible to create your own loose leaf blends for a more personal gift idea.

Create a tea gift set by including a thrifted mug, tea strainer or a vintage teapot.

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13) Astrology Journal

An astrology journal is used to deepen the understanding of planetary alignments and the effect they have on each sign. This is an ideal present for beginners and advanced stargazers alike!

Each page should keep note of current moon and planetary placements alongside journal entries to reflect on current moods and feelings. The journal can then be used for reflection and perspective when the lunar cycle repeats.

This could be a plain journal with a striking cover relevant to their sign, or one that is filled out with helpful guidelines and notes.

14) Altar Essentials

For those who practice witchcraft, altar tools are essential. You can find beautiful altar cloths, chalices, pentacles and witch bells that not only serve a purpose but also add an aesthetic touch to any sacred space.

These options make for a spiritual gift that can contribute to important practices and rituals. If possible, take a peek at their altar and see what they might not have yet!

The Little Witch Shop have a wide array of items perfect for completing an altar.


15) Book of Shadows

A book of shadows is a place to keep spells, rituals, dreams and their meanings; basically any useful  information required to deepen ones practice.

Now seen as more of a personal journal, this book was originally a written text followed by the religion of Wicca. Many adaptations have been published over the years.

 Depending on the recipient, either a blank journal or physical text would make a wonderful gift.

16) Good Witch Perfume

Perfumes have long encapsulated glamour magick and alluring witchy vibes. Made of essential oils and placed on areas of the body where personal magic is concentrated, these scents can channel powerful energy into the world.

Like many items on this list, perfumes can also be home made! Research the energy each essential oil carries and play with blends.

Wick Witch Apothecary offer a range of whimsical perfumes, such as the Good Witch Perfume.

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17) Crystal Ball

A crystal ball can be a captivating tool for any divination witch looking to connect with the spiritual realm. Choose one with a unique design that resonates with their energy.

Available in many sizes and crystal types, some research is necessary to ensure the correct one is chosen for your loved one.

UK based business, Global Tribe, are a fantastic source of information with so many options available.


The world of witchcraft offers a fascinating  array of tools, practices, and traditions that can be both spiritually enriching and aesthetically pleasing. Whether you’re a seasoned member of the occult or a curious newcomer, there are countless enchanting gifts waiting to be explored. 

Remember, the most meaningful gifts come from the heart, so when selecting items for the witches in your life, consider their individual preferences and spiritual path. Whether it’s a simple herb bundle, a beautiful altar piece, or a book on ancient mystical traditions, the thought and intention behind the gift will be the thing that is most appreciated.