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Why Witches Should Support Slow Fashion – A Sustainable Style Guide

Cosmic Drifters witchy black dresses

Witchcraft and slow fashion go hand in hand! Check out our sustainable style guide & weave conscious fashion into your wardrobe…

In a world where fast fashion dominates the market, making conscious shopping choices has become more important than ever.

For witches who appreciate the interconnectedness of all things, embracing slow fashion isn’t just a lifestyle choice; it’s a powerful statement about sustainability, mindfulness, and the preservation of ancient crafts.

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Before we recommend some truly magical small businesses, let’s delve a bit deeper into why all modern witches should lean into sustainable fashion.

1) Slow Fashion is Ethically Made

Witches have always worked to help other people, whether overthrowing the outdated standards of the patriarchy, or manifesting change to those who need it – when a witch sees something out of whack they work to restore balance! 

Fast fashion is notorious for exploitative labor practices and unethical production methods. In contrast, slow fashion prioritizes fair wages, safe working conditions, and the empowerment of artisans. By supporting ethical fashion, witches can amplify their voices in the pursuit of a more just and equitable world.

Shopping consciously allows us to choose where our money goes and support what we believe in through our purchases.

2) Witches Practice Glamour Magic

Key tools for practicing glamour magic are jewelry, clothes and cosmetics. We are often drawn to the timeless wisdom of the past, sustainable practices provide a gateway to embrace it.

Second-hand and vintage clothing embody a unique energy, carrying the stories of those who have worn them before. By choosing pre-loved garments, we can participate in a magical exchange of energy, contributing to a more sustainable and circular fashion economy.

It is important to remember all items hold memories that can aid or hinder our practice. Ethically sourced garments that have been handmade with love & patience are far more likely to reflect positive outcomes than those that have been manufactured under unethical practices.

3) Sustainable Fashion is Self Expression

A large amount of witchcraft is rooted in self-care and self-empowerment. Shopping sustainably allows the wearer to curate stunning collections of unique pieces, ultimately building a wardrobe true to their own personal style. 

Avoiding the traps of microtrends & “what’s hot” right now results in an individual wardrobe that will look and feel timeless.

Many independent brands also work to provide inclusive sizing & realistic product images, allowing everyone to feel their most beautiful.

4) Harmony with Mother Earth

Witches, attuned to the natural energies that surround them, find solace in aligning their practices with the rhythms of the Earth. All pagan practices are rooted in respect for nature and the flow of the seasons.

Ethical clothing advocates for eco friendly practices that reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry. Mindful production processes are at the forefront of the slow fashion movement; while many ethical companies use organic and sustainable materials, such as organic cotton, linen and viscose. 

It is so important to honour the interconnectedness between magical realms and the Earth, fostering a sense of harmony with nature.

5) Handmade & Handcrafted Garments

Artisans pour their expertise and intention into every craft, creating unique pieces that resonate with the wearer. Witches can appreciate the craftsmanship involved, choosing clothing that aligns with their magical essence and supports the continuation of ancient textile traditions.

There is great significance in quality over quantity. Ethically made items are usually durable, timeless pieces that last longer. 

By investing in high-quality pieces, we can reduce our environmental footprint and break free from the cycle of disposable fashion, fostering a deeper connection to the energy embedded in each thread.

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A Modern Witches Guide to Slow Fashion & Sustainable Choices:

Check out this enchanting guide of ethical and eco-friendly businesses. Our top selection for the very best in unique or custom handmade pieces.

1) Cosmic Drifters – Witchy Clothing in UK Sizes 4 – 30

Kicking off the list with our own brand, Cosmic Drifters! We specialise in witchy bohemian clothing that is either made-to-order or zero waste.

The Made-to-Order collection is made from 100 % natural viscose, a breathable material that is produced using less water than cotton. All items are handmade in-house by our fabulous tiny team. This range features our best selling dresses from over the years, showcasing feminine silhouettes and 90s’ gothic style. These items are available in UK sizes 4-30, petite-extra tall.

Check out the best-selling Morticia dress, featuring a tiered maxi skirt, nylon lace inserts and glamorous gathered sleeves:

cosmic drifters black viscose lace insert maxi dress front 1

2) Urban Bird Clothing – Divine Feminine Lingerie

Urban Bird Clothing are a uk based underwear brand specialising in stunning lingerie. Whether their bralettes to bottoms, each handcrafted piece is consciously made with lots of love and effort.

With options of witchy prints or plain fabrics, these stunning pieces are either made-to-order from their catalogue or custom made to the design of your choosing.

How stunning is this Bordaeux Longline Bralette.

screen shot 2023 11 29 at 17.18.31

3) Adorned UK – Sustainably Sourced & Eco-Friendly Festival Clothing

Adorned UK are a mother daughter duo offering apparel and jewellery that is ethically sourced and ethically made.

Collections feature fair trade products, vintage finds and upcycling to provide a wide array of clothing options for eco conscious nomads. From t-shirts and jumpers, to necklaces and rings, there is truly something for everyone.

This Reworked Fern Print Silk Vest has been upcycled with dye to provide ultimate faery vibes.

silk vest 2

4) Church of Sanctus – Gothic Style Clothing

If you’re looking for beautifully made gothic clothing that oozes individuality, look no further than Church of Sanctus

Owner Lucinda creates small batch, artisnal fashion sure to turn heads. There are beautiful corsets, flowing gowns and stunning skirts. These designs are sure to have you setting your alarm for the next restock.

img 3417

5) LoveWashedLinen – Hand Embroidered Upcycled Trainers

LoveWashedLinen hand embroider converse trainers to provide a trendy shoe option for the witch on the go.

Each pair is totally unique, with natural imagery at the centre of every design. Haoi, the owner, worked embroidering linen clothing for fifteen years and has now found her niche adding a rustic twist to this classic shoe.

With options featuring tiny ghosts, flowers and mushrooms we simply can’t decide which we like best!

screen shot 2023 11 29 at 17.21.54

6) Sapphic Oracle – Witchcraft Inspired Bags

Owned by girlfriends Jade and Stephanie, Sapphic Oracle make magical bags from consciously sourced fabrics. Each carries a double sided design featuring motifs based on nature and celestial themes.

These beautifully made bags come in a range of sizes and are perfect for carrying your tarot cards and crystal collection.

We love this burnt orange moth and moon design!

screen shot 2023 11 29 at 17.23.25

7) Loud Bodies – Size Inclusive Inclusive Whimsical Wares

This size inclusive company was formed 3 years ago and offer a wonderful sizing range from XS – 10XL. Loud Bodies are incredibly ethical, from workers rights to natural fabrics and faux fur.

Offering a catalogue of whimsical pieces, this brand is perfect for serving ethereal elegance and cottagecore realness.

Go extra with this fabulous “Fe del Mundo” Cape:

loud bodies fe del mundo cape red organic cotton 1 800x1067 1

8) Mary Wyatt – Alternative Fashion

Mary Wyatt was born out of a relationship with contemporary tattoo culture and the heavy metal scene, the brand focuses on clothing and accessories with a dark undertone.

According to their website they “consciously-produce alternative fashion; creating high quality, ethically manufactured garments in the UK in small production runs to maintain exclusivity”. Items include tees, dresses and accessories. They have everything you need to put together an iconic witchy wardrobe.

We’re in love with the Nevermore Lace-Up Playsuit:

screen shot 2023 11 29 at 17.24.35

9) Voriagh – Clothing Inspired by Ancient Elements

This sister owned business, Voriagh, is based in Paris and specialises in embroidery and historical inspired clothing. 

They work closely with small family ran workshops in India and Lithuania recieving the highest certification in workers rights, the BSCI committee. All materials are natural and locally sourced, mainly using wool, linen and cotton.

This Embroidered Black Velvet Bustier is on our Christmas list for sure:

screen shot 2023 11 29 at 17.28.46

10) Frennka – Classic Black & White Wares

Frennka is a Ukraine based business producing classic clothing in black and white. These handmade pieces are perfect for anyone obsessed with the Dark Academia aesthetic. 

Linen is the only fabric used and Frennka will accomodate any changes you like such as alternative buttons.

She can be found by her Etsy storefront.

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We hope this list is helpful to you! Thank you so much for reading and please follow us on Instagram and TikTok.