Brand founder and creative director Jenny Cook fell in love with the feminist iconography of the witch at age 7 when Buffy the Vampire Slayer first aired on UK TV. This became irreversibly fused with a passion for making at age 10 when her godmother Beany hosted a sewing day in advance of her school disco. Beany told her that when making your own clothes you can create anything you want and transform yourself into whoever you want to be. Naturally Jenny chose to channel her ultimate role model Buffy. Together they picked out some white cotton fabric and made a long summer dress to imitate Buffy’s highschool dance outfit. To finish off the look her dad whittled her a stake and she went off to the dance with the confidence of a badass feminist vampire hunter!

On reflection Jenny says “I am at my very core a product of my environment, and proud of it. I was raised in an artistic home that put creativity, self-expression and openness above all else. What I learned as a shy awkward weirdo-kid through strutting into that disco rocking my white dress and toting my offensive weapon was that if you embrace your particular brand of weirdness rather than trying to fit in you will come into your own. You will find power and freedom through simply being yourself. If I achieve anything through Cosmic Drifters I want to give others that same sense of empowerment, not because they’re on trend or fit in but because they’ve found their niche and are owning it.”

In 2011 Jenny met Sarah Mitchell, one of her close friends and co-designers at a house party. Sarah was perched on the arm of a dishevelled sofa sewing tiny flowers onto espadrille sandals. The pair fell into a deep conversation about their love for quirky prints and upcycling clothing. Upon graduating from uni in 2013 their overactive imaginations and zeal for storytelling guided them to start exploring narrative themes together through the mediums of print, garment design and photography. In 2015 they tried their hand at selling their creations online and Cosmic Drifters was born!

For a few years the brand existed as a part time venture run by Jenny with help from Sarah and other friends, initially from a two metre square partition in a dilapidated warehouse and later out of her tiny spare room (aka the cupboard under the stairs) but in December 2018 she decided to take a risk and launch a crowdfunding campaign via Kickstarter with the aim of growing her business. Jenny’s Kickstarter was a huge success and exceeded her target income by 150%!

This brings us to the latest exciting chapter in the Cosmic Drifters story!

On March 1st 2019 Jenny put the money crowd funded by Kickstarter to good use and moved her business into a stunning new HQ in the heart of Leeds. Since moving into her dream studio Jenny has been joined on her path by more creative accomplices and now sources the brands’ fabric from the UKs largest fashion textiles printer. This has enabled Jenny to stick to her pledge to keep Cosmic Drifter’s production compact, ethical and UK based.

Meet the Team:

Jenny - Our Coven Leader

The original Cosmic Drifter! Jenny is our founder & creative director. The biggest Buffy fan you will ever meet, the 90s aesthetic is her go-to style inspiration. Jenny is also a plant mum extraordinaire – filling our HQ with 63 plants & counting!

Erin - Social Media & Communications

Heading up content creation & community management Erin helps Jenny with all things Drifters, from cutting fabric to packing orders. A true pisces through & through! She fills her free time with yoga, camping & her beautiful cats.

Sarah - Lead Print Designer

An original Cosmic Drifters founder! Sarah now focuses solely on print design, taking the lead on our most beloved prints. Check out her Instagram @_wild_lune_ for a sneak peek at her design process. A true crime junkie, Sarah loves listening to spooky podcasts & feeding her frogs. Ribbit.

Robbie - Print Illustrator

Jenny’s little brother! An accomplished illustrator in his own right, Robbie hops on board the Drifter train to contribute whimsical illustrations & t-shirt designs. Check out his Instagram @Rob.C.Art for magical content from the actual biggest Buffy fan you will ever meet…

Mairi, Gary & Deborah, aka DJ's Dressmakers

With decades of sewing experience, this ultimate tailoring trio even designed the costumes for our fave childhood TV show – ‘My Parents are Aliens’! On Friday nights they can be found sipping wine & having a good time in their neighbouring studio.

Liza Violet - Freelance Seamstress

The mesh master, Liza produces our mesh collection! A horror fan, she is known to stay up late watching all things creepy. She also plays keys like a wizz and owns a precious chihuahua called Grub!

Amy - Seamstress

One third of our in-studio production team. Amy sews your garments here at Cosmic Drifters HQ. A crochet making cutie, check out her work on Instagram @crocheted.cuteness! When not at work she can be found at spin class, reading fantasy novels or spending time with her family.

Sarwat - Seamstress

Another third of our in-studio production team. Sarwat also sews here at Cosmic Drifters HQ. A crafty queen, she spends her free time making dolls, patchwork & jewellery. She also loves gardening, singing, acting & cooking for her loved ones.

Amelia - Pattern Cutter

The final member of our in-studio production trio. Amelia cuts each item out by hand at Cosmic Drifters HQ. Our singing siren has a passion for music & a beautiful voice. In her free time she loves seeing bands live & watching musical theatre.

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