Our story began many years ago when two total space cadets met by chance at a house party. Jenny Cook, a Philosophy student was talking about existentialism to a bunch of guys with beards and beanies, Sarah Mitchell was perched on a chair in the corner sewing paper flowers onto espadrilles for her fashion degree show. Little did they know that the hyper-imaginative conversation that followed their meeting- about art, design, fiction, feminism, fashion and and utter frustration with the inadequacies of throwaway fashion would evolve into a magical creative collaboration…

Cosmic Drifters is a fashion brand unlike any other. Having spent years teaching ourselves to make patterns, design prints and sew to a professional standard, the designers of Cosmic Drifters have cultivated truly original working practices where we are entirely self-taught and have full control over every step of our production process. We’re keenly focussed on delivering a high level of craftsmanship, with an intimate, ethical, slow fashion approach to production in mind. All of our garments and prints are designed and made in-house by us. They’re totally original and exclusive.

Our collection is made to order by hand from our Leeds based studio. The major benefit of having your clothes handmade is that we can customise all of our designs to your personal preferences. We can also work in a very open and collaborative way. We add fresh garment styles on a regular basis, both as inspiration comes to us and according to demand. If you have any ideas for styles that you’d like to see us make then don’t hesitate to shoot your requests over via email at info@cosmicdrifters.com. We get our fabric printed locally by a supplier that’s situated about seven miles from our home city of Leeds. The benefits of using a local supplier are that we have an impressively low carbon footprint and we can pinpoint where all of the materials used in our production process come from, making it easy to stay on top of ethical practices!

Our design process usually begins with a narrative idea. We tend to tell stories through our work and take a lot of inspiration from mysticism, myth, popular culture and history. We always get super immersed in researching the concepts behind our prints. Our tarot print for example combines the symbology of the moon, hanged man and high priestess cards to represent feminine strength and integrity. We always wear it if we need to psych ourselves up for something. Our whole print design process, from conception, to research to execution of an idea is a true labour of love that can often take up to 100 hours to complete.
One of our major creative inspirations is the feminist iconography of the witch. As children of the 90s we grew up in the worlds of Buffy, Sabrina and the Craft and often pay homage to classic teen witch tropes as well as the vast cultural history that feeds into them.
We also take a lot of inspiration from the sights and experiences of our cross-continental adventures. We feel that travel and exposure to other cultures are really valuable in the creation of a rounded identity and in understanding the world in all of its diverse complexity. When we’re traveling for long stretches we’re forced to engage with the world in a way that we don’t when we’re comfortably situated in our usual routines. When we get used to our environment we can lose that sense of being in the moment. This is why we take regular time to get out there, seek adventures, take risks and nourish our imaginations!

We have many more adventures ahead of us but aren’t in any rush. The creative journey is what has made Cosmic Drifters so magical so far and will continue to do so in the future. We hope you’ll join us for the ride. Xo