Cosmic Drifters Sizing

You may notice that we have a lot of different sizing options available for our made-to-order printed garments. This is to ensure that we tailor make your pieces to fit you perfectly- a service that you wouldn’t find on the high street!

We fit all of our garments according to bust, waist, hip and height measurements in inches. As all of our pieces are custom made by hand we recommend that you measure yourself to the closest exact inch measurement so that we can fit pieces to your personal requirements.

Why we use exact measurements in inches:

We take your measurement in inches so that your clothing will fit like a glove! You’ll never have to worry about your garments being too long or too short, too fitted or too loose… When you order from us that maxi skirt you love the look of won’t trail below your feet and that mini dress you adore won’t give everyone a shocker when you bend over!

How to measure your bust:

To take your bust measurement wrap your measuring tape around the widest part of your chest at about nipple height!

How to measure your waist:

To measure your waist you want to wrap the tape around the slimmest part of your waist, where you would expect high-waisted pieces to sit on your body.

How to measure your hips:

To take your hip measurement wrap your tap around the part of your hips just below the upper hip bone- where noughties Britney Spears would have worn her jeans!

How to measure your height:

Take your height measurement from where your feet hit the floor to the top of your head.

Nb. If you don’t have a tape measure to hand you can alternatively check the below chart and base the measurement on the high street dress size you’d usually buy. For example if you know that you usually wear a 12 then your waist should be around 30 inches. It’s always better to measure exactly though as high street sizes vary like crazy and our custom made garments are not returnable due to the scale and nature of our business.