Girls On Film: How to Dress Like Winona Ryder

Girls On Film: How to Dress Like Winona Ryder
08/12/2014 Jenny Cook

Hello old chaps. Welcome to ‘Girls on Film’, a series where we profile the styles of some of our favourite on-screen heroines. Though this lady hasn’t been at the centre of an overwhelming amount of on-screen hype since the early noughties, she has retained her status as a style icon due to her simple yet unmistakable aesthetic. Her signature dark, vampy look just screams 90’s fashion and she is in part responsible for a lot of the trends that are back in style right now. So props to the star of Edward Scissor Hands, Reality Bites and Girl Interrupted. Winona Ryder we love you.

Red Carpet Winona: she has her red carpet look down to a t. Black dress + black clutch + mid-height stilettos + red lips. Rinse and repeat as necessary.


In the 90’s Ryder tended to go for figure skimming gown which looked amazing with her pixie crop and waif-like stature.


Now, in her 40’s she tends to go for a more classic feminine figure, with a nipped in waist and a fuller skirt. She always looks divine!


Oh yeah, and occasionally she’s been known to rock a white dress too. The sequin gown from the 1994 Academy awards (left)  gives me goosebumps!

Tom Boy Winona: One of my favourite Ryder signatures is the tom boy look. She always has and always will look like a stone cold fox in a suit!


Downtime Winona: Ryder has always followed a few simple style rules. (1) Black is the only ‘colour’ that’s really worth bothering with. (2) Velvet, lace and leather are a girls best friend. (3) Chokers are cool. (4) High waisted jeans are cool. (5) Black boots and shoes are cool. (6) Leather jackets are even cooler.


In the 90’s she really embraced the grunge aesthetic. She never tended to wear prints, she was more about signature textures and fabrics. Baggy jeans and messy tresses were her staples and her hair always had that ‘I just got out of bed looking perfect’ thing going on. Jelo.


90’s Winona again- leather, denim, velvet. Boom. The image on the left is from the dawn of her forays into donning the ‘bad girl’ look. It was 1989 and she was 18. By 21 (second from left) she had it down.


Loving the early 90’s velvet dress with sheer sleeves and cross necklace. Winona you have a lot to answer for when it comes to 2k13 fashion trends! Grown up Winona (right) has taken the grunge thing down a notch and opted for smarter black ensembles with big ole’ handbags and heeled boots. We still think she’s fierce.

Now I’ll leave you with three images that basically sum up the 90’s. That’s all for now folks! Cookie.



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