My Top 5 Photographers of 2015! So far…

My Top 5 Photographers of 2015! So far…
09/03/2015 Smitch

Alongside my main passion of print design I get ridiculously obsessed with photography and can spend hours lost on tumblr searching for amazing new and old talent. I particularly love old faded photos that I come across in chazzas, auction rooms and flea markets (the best flea I’ve ever been to is St Ouens in Paris – there are boxes and boxes of vintage photos there that I’ve lost days of my life to – but that’s a whole other post in itself!) I think the reason that old photographs entice me so much is that I really love their imperfections. They’re what make the image beautiful and unique. They’re what I feel make the images art. Here I’ve compiled a list of my favorite photographers of 2015 so far! I hope you find them as awe inspiring as I do.

Davis Ayer: It’s so easy these days to digitally alter an image in Photoshop. There are so many filters on Instagram that instantly make an image seem timeless, but nothing truly replicates the talent of capturing the full and final image all on film. This is something I love about Davis Ayer, who uses only analogue film to create all of his beautiful work.

‘LA-based photographer Davis Ayer is more of a visual artist than just a photographer. He uses his camera as an instrument and paintbrush, mastering the art of double exposure with an unbending attraction toward what is beautiful.’ –

Dana Trippe: This artist is only 20 years old so the fact that she already has a portfolio like this up her sleeve is truly incredible! I love the use of colour in her work and the casual aesthetic of her photographs. To me her images capture happiness, fun, sunshine, friendship and laughter. She uses these word to summarise herself: ‘Born and raised in California. The doors, road trips, old cars, motorcycles, the desert, and psychedelia, music, Tarantino, photography, painting, soft spoken people, long hair, vegetarianism, no religion.’ I could spend hours searching through her Instagram and Tumblr for beautiful images but I find it so hard to narrow down which ones are my faves so check her out for yourself here.

Hana Haley – AKA Honeyuck. Hana Haley is a long time obsession of mine, I’ve been following her ethereal, whimsical work for years now and have loved watching her grow. She uses vintage cameras and expired film to capture her images and experiments with light leaks by exposing the film for fractions of seconds. The results are completely beautiful. I really want to practice this technique one day – which is something that will make my Dad clutch at his gray hairs with anxiety! ‘Why do you actively try to destroy photo’s!!’ He’ll never get it.

Cecilia Alejandra Cecilia has a strong and varied portfolio of stunning work; but what stands out most for me is her use of tonality. I think her black and white images are some of her most prominent pieces of work. They are mysterious and somewhat sinister in a beautiful, eerie and supernatural way. Visit her blog here.

Leanne Surfleet. I stumbled upon Leanne Surfleet a while ago, and simply had to follow her! I like the beauty in the simplicity of her work, her use of light and double exposure give her images that ‘found in the attic’ feel that I adore. She blogs via Tumblr here.

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