My Top 10 Wednesday Addams Inspired Bloggers

My Top 10 Wednesday Addams Inspired Bloggers
23/04/2016 Jenny Cook

Wednesday Addams is one of those fictional characters that has helped shape the style of many a young fashion enthusiast who was born in the 1990s. She has spurred imitation ensembles ever since Christina Ricci captivated our tempestuous sides with her deadpan portrayal of the freaky little devil child in the 1991 movie remake of the original series. Innumerable bloggers cite her as style inspiration, including the gorgeous self-identified Courtney Love and Wednesday Addams hybrid Leanne Woodfull (Thunder and Threads), so I thought it’d be fun to full together a gorgeous selection of blogger homages to this character in one post! If you ever identified as emo, goth, kinderwhore or scene (all sartorial phases which I excitedly burned through in my teens) then you’ll most likely have done the Wednesday Addams thing at least once yourself, and possibly in numerous incarnations like ultimate gothic blogger babe Olivia Emily has! Click images below for blog post links.


High street brands have repeatedly referenced Wednesday on their seasonal trend boards and have offered up innumerable versions of her trademark black dress with a white collar and cuffs over the past couple of decades. My favourite of these, which was being sold at Pop Boutique a few years back had this gorgeous lacey trim along the edge of the sleeves and collar and can be seen in a bunch of the looks below. All images include blog links so you can see the full awesome style offerings of a selection of bloggers who are tied together by their love of this one sinister girl!


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