Three Wolf Moon- Hick Fashion at its Finest

Three Wolf Moon- Hick Fashion at its Finest
14/03/2016 Jenny Cook

Here I am wandering around the wee town of Otley, West Yorkshire looking all deeply pensive but really I’m just thinking about the tale of three wolf moon…

It may not be steeped in class but I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for my most “hillbilly” of sartorial possessions, the three wolf moon. I’ve owned this tee for years and bought it on a whim with little consideration, as I do when presented with most wolf-adorned t-shirts (it’s a long term affliction for which I’m persistently refusing treatment). I must have owned it for a couple of months before anyone even commented on it. I was working on a bar at the time, and one busy weekend customers kept approaching me with unprecedented levels of enthusiasm, exclaiming “yeahhh, three wolf moon!” These outbursts were usually accompanied by high fives or thumbs up, which made me feel incrementally prouder of my excellent t-shirt selection skills. I really had no idea that the shirt I bought on sale was an ACTUAL internet sensation. The night went on and finally some guy expounded on his admiration by telling me the “origins” tale of my tee. Back in 2008 some fella decided to write a tongue in cheek review of this stylish piece of apparel on Amazon, lauding it as the ultimate Walmart babe magnet that set off his latent animal magnetism, as you’d expect a wolf t-shirt would. His review went viral overnight and inspired multiple imitation reviews and a gazillian terrifying incarnations of the design. It’s actually pretty fascinating if you’re into wasting time on the internet… and who isn’t?!

Seriously I don’t know whether you’ve heard of this phenomenon before but I’ll just leave these here as evidence of my hick credentials and/ or the weirdness of humanity.

Side note, on suddenly realising that this is a fashion platform and I’m kind of fashion blogging, I feel like I should mention that my jeans and cardigan are from ASOS and my shoes are from Underground London. Happy Monday all! XX

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