Textbook Hippie

Textbook Hippie
01/05/2016 Jenny Cook

I’ve returned to full hippie mode today with this cosy, slouchy, layered ensemble that has probably been seen in various incarnations across many a festival site! This is one of my lazier looks. It contains a whole lot of worn out second hand stuff that I feel equipped to get away with because the awesome prints, textures and textbook hippie imagery distract from the ravages of age!

I snagged these sun and moon print leggings mega cheap from a brand called Rokoko which sells exclusively through ASOS and makes classic festival attire; the kind of pieces that are verging on cliche but that to me (being a fan of post-ironic style staples) make for wardrobe essentials that deserve to accompany me to every festival I attend this summer. The awesome fringey cardigan is also from ASOS by a brand called Lira which also leans towards festival fashion, with fringing, lace up detail and sheer embellishments reigning supreme throughout their collection.

Everything else is second hand and old as shit! The wolf t-shirt has been in my wardrobe since the dawn of time, but not literally. The suede, fringey handbag was my mommas in the 70’s and I grabbed the printed scarf (which enjoyably matches my bag and shoes perfectly) in a charity shop bargain bin. Three cheers for jersey, knitwear and comfort!!

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