Jenny the (25 Year Old) Teenage Witch

Jenny the (25 Year Old) Teenage Witch
25/04/2016 Jenny Cook

So maybe I’m a little old for teenage witch status but it’s a look that I’ve repeatedly emulated since those Halcyon onscreen days of Sabrina, Willow, Tara, Nancy and all the innumerable Charmed sisters. I figure at this point it’s either time to either declare my teen witchhood proudly or grow the hell up, and I’m having none of that second option! I wore this get up to see off my friend the other week as he left our rainy wee isle of England on a personal expedition to South Korea for a year. He playfully noted that I looked like an extra from Sabrina, probably aiming at mild offensiveness but unintendedly flattering my 90s-obsessed ego. “That is the exact vibe I was going for, whoop whoop”, I exclaimed!

Once again my ensemble consists largely of second hand and handmade pieces. The suns and moons kimono is made to order by Luna Siam and can be purchased from our own collection here. I made these cheeky zip front velvet shorts about two years ago and my brother made this pendant using silver wire and quartz he picked up on a trip to Tanzania. Molto bohemian eh?! I picked up these boots second hand at the Sue Ryder Hospice fair in Reading and got this amaaazing velvet floppy hat out of a bargain bin at Blue Rinse Vintage, Leeds. How perfectly does it match my shorts?! The top was also a super cheap find from St. Gemmas Hospice and the top underneath is American Apparel- any top that rids the need for bra-wearing sits high in my estimations. No boob jail for me today!

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