Suns and Moons and Suns and Moons…

Suns and Moons and Suns and Moons…
06/04/2016 Jenny Cook

I’ve always really dug going to town on a theme. Case in point- sun and moon choker, sun and moon t-shirt, suns and moons all over my kimono! It’s a suns and moons fiesta- a dance among the stars where everyone’s invited. As long as they’re celestial bodies with faces that is. I’m a space cadet for sure -constantly surfing the awesome wave of celestial imagery, pulling together pretty prints and trinkets to add to my collection of enticingly mystical things.

This t-shirt was designed by Paulien Stuut, a wonderfully imaginative illustrator from the Netherlands with killer brows and rainbow hair whose imagery largely reminds me of a visual version of free association. I feel like she puts her pen to paper with no preconceived idea of what will come out and wonderful stuff just happens! Her complex pen and ink pieces draw you in with busy patterning, complex line work and impossible, inception-like perspectives where mountains tower over eastern style buildings that dance suspended among billowing clouds of cosmic dust.

The kimono, a classic Drifters staple was created by Sarah Mitchell who designs super cool prints and has a really good eye for re-working and updating vintage print themes into super current and covetable pieces. Like me she has a habit of romanticising the 90s which means that a lot of her pieces are things that Sabrina the Teenage Witch would have drooled over. In other words, I need them in my wardrobe!

You can pick up Pauliens sun and moon tee here and Sarah’s kimono here on our shop.

The Farleigh mom jeans are from ASOS. The shoes came from the monthly Sue Ryder vintage fair in Reading which is AWESOME and I pulled the hat and belt out of a big dusty basket of realllly cheap vintage at Blue Rinse, Leeds. Second hand and independent clothing are so much more interesting than high street pieces don’t you think! Nudge nudge wink wink.

Adieu for now! Jenny x

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