Our Week in Words and Pictures!

Our Week in Words and Pictures!
12/01/2017 Jenny Cook
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Happy 2017 friends, witches and awesome women!
I hope you’ve all had an excellent time kicking 2016 out of the door by its butt and opening your hearts, expectations and imaginations up to a fresh year full of possibilities. I’ve personally had one of the best first weeks of any year of my life so far. It was freezing cold, my hair was in a constant state of frizziness, it wasn’t especially glamorous BUT it was MY idea of perfect. I’ve been focussed, I’ve been creative, I’ve felt confident and I’ve worked my little butt off! While I’m feeling even more positive than usual, and in the spirit of starting the new year in parallel states of self-reflection and openness to all things shiny and new I’ve decided to start writing little summaries of our Cosmic Drifters weekly highlights. I think that it’s super motivational to always take stock and congratulate yourself on your accomplishments rather than solely looking ahead to the next big goal.
On Monday second while most people were still gorging on crackers and cheese I trundled down to Ladybeck studios to pick up the keys to our brand new Cosmic Drifters headquarters. My business partner Sarah unfortunately spent New Year’s Eve and her birthday (New Years day) bed ridden with the flu and wasn’t able to make it down so I, in a moment of wiliness decided to start on the basic tasks of painting & furnishing the place in secret so that I could surprise her with a fully pimped out Drifter HQ birthday when she could move again!
The place used to be rented by a local oil painter who has now moved on to larger digs and up the ladder on her personal journey to success. For a fashion studio however it was looking a bit on the oil-speckled side so my first port of call was to paint. Sarah had suggested that we have an earthy toned feature wall the week before so I dashed to Wilko for some Oatmeal paint and spent Tuesday painting it up a treat alongside my handy lads Phil & Bird.
On Wednesday the walls were looking swish but the floor was still pretty gnarly. I knew that this was a job for D.I.Y. dad so I roped him in and we got cracking on laying fresh laminate flooring. He had just enough left in the attic for our dinky 2.5m by 3.5m space but it would have to come in two different colours that were left over from two different bedrooms. Being just as obsessively tidy as me he made sure that they met exactly in the middle of the room and I think that they look pretttyyy swish!

On Thursday we were ready to furnish the place. We hooked up plenty of power sockets for sewing machines and laptops and nailed some floating shelves to the wall then wrenched my desks, drawers, rails, heaters (it’s in an old industrial warehouse) and samples up the stairs to their new home. I hung all of the samples and left some cheery notes about the place in preparation for the big unveiling.

On Friday I polished off the week with a day of mural painting with my brother Robbie at one of our favourite coffee shops in Headingley. We spent a good six hours using chalk pens to paint a mystical mountainous wintery scene while the good folk at Whites kept us fed on their utterly delicious coffee and sarnies. We speckled mountains with dots of snow and littered them with wonky pine trees before finishing it off with a much needed witchy babe flying past an oversized moon. Hello Cosmic awesomeness!

By Saturday Sarah was feeling better so I told her a cheeky fib that she had to come down and sign some rental paperwork. Hahaaaah. When she arrived I was all like “surpriiiiise” and we did a happy jig! After spending two hours talking about a thousand ideas for the future Sarah suggested that we come in the following day and get cracking on the dream straight away…
And that my dears brings us to Sunday! I spent the day making one off bits and bobs out of the gorgeous fabric that I sourced in Bali in early December while Sarah started hand drawing the first ideas for her summer capsule collection of prints. We have some big plans coming up- we’ll be dropping an ASOS Marketplace collection of exclusive one off pieces at the end of January, two summer print collections to be released in March and April and we have some super cool creative collaborations in the pipeline!
This week has been a time for great friends and family, creative inspiration, love, kindness and motivation. You know what they say… start as you mean to go on.
Love from Jenny- your friendly neighbourhood cosmic drifter ๐Ÿ™‚
P.s. I also want to give credit to the blogger who inspired this style of post. I’ve adopted the idea of writing a Sunday summary from mermaid haired fashion blogger Amy Valentine, who has been writing summaries of her weekly activities ever since her blog first started. They’re my favourite posts of hers to read because they always focus on the positives and have a general feeling of personal progress about them. I thought about how she must feel looking back over them from time to time and how seeing her achievements laid out like that must motivate her to keep moving forward and carving out new and exciting experiences through doing what she loves. This is exactly what Cosmic Drifters needs this year! We’re at the top of our game, motivated like crazy and we owe it to ourselves to look back at our accomplishments and say hey, we did that. Look how far we’ve come!

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