Dreams of Beautiful Fabrics

Dreams of Beautiful Fabrics
15/01/2017 Jenny Cook
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Happy Sunday everyone. I hope that you’ve had awesome weeks doing whatever it is you do to pass the time in this weird cosmic phenomenon called life. We’ve had an amazing first week of working full time on our little business. We’ve woken up every morning excited to get to work and gone to sleep with our heads spinning, filled with dreams of beautiful fabrics. There’s been little room for mentally digesting anything else, but I’m sure that the rest of the world kept spinning without our attention. May the novelty of this venture never wear off! We spent the majority of this week cracking out a whole bunch of unique handmade garms for our planned ASOS Marketplace collection.

The inspiration for getting an ASOS collection going came largely from the luxurious contents of my backpack after two months of adventuring around Bali, Lombok and the surrounding islands throughout October and November. I just couldn’t resist filling it to breaking point with fabric, to the point where I had to get my brother to lift it onto my back before I could move it. Like seriously, I’ll probably never stand straight again but boyyy was it worth it. The Balinese batik that I picked up along the way from various sources- beach sellers, markets stalls and small town Warungs was absolutely stunning, but the pinnacle of fabric bliss was reached when our travels took us to the northern end of Bali, to the markets of Singaraja. Having lodged ourselves into a quiet little hotel in Lovina which was pretty far away from most of the sights that the region had to offer we decided to “splash out” the £40 a day that it would cost to hire a private driver to take us anywhere we wanted! Robbie (my brother) had read online that Singaraja was the city to go to for authentic Balinese produce since the markets in the major southern towns have become pretty westernised. His instincts were right and we stumbled upon a whole street of fabric emporiums- my own personal Nirvana! When I returned to England with 50+ metres of fabric it only seemed right to start making it into all kinds of gorgeous garms. Sarah was thoroughly on board, having accumulated quite a collection of eastern and vintage fabric herself over the years!

The other main event in the Drifters hub this week was the beginnings of Sarah’s new print design. We’ve decided to design a new capsule collection each for this summer and have excitingly gone in totally different directions. Mine, which I designed last year and shot in Bali on a fellow wanderer that I met along my journey is like an insane mash up of beach goth, day glow rave and that stripper with a sign from Independence Day. Sarah’s is shaping up to be more mature, dark, gritty and incredibly intricate, especially in opposition to my upcoming acid smilies and ufos! The print she’s currently working on features super detailed hand drawn moth and bug illustrations and is reminiscent of Victorian creature specimens that you’d find pinned to an anatomical study board. It has a vintage vibe to it and I expect it will turn out looking mystical and ancient- part symbolic and part studious. It wouldn’t look out of place in the microbiological edition of fantastic beasts and where to find them, if that was a thing.
But hey… come March all will
be revealed… Happy weekending! May your Sundays be snuggly and your hangovers short lived!
Love your friendly neighbourhood Drifters Jenny & Sarah x

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