Prep for ASOS Marketplace

Prep for ASOS Marketplace
22/01/2017 Jenny Cook
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Happy Sunday Drifters! This week was all about the minutiae at Drifters HQ- those filler tasks that you have to do in order to get to the fun stuff. I started the week making the last few pieces to add to our new collection of one off handmade garments, categorised our inventory then ironed and labelled 150 pieces to be shot for ASOS Marketplace and generally got the studio in ship shape for a weekend of shooting. If this fashion stuff was all swanning about countryside Druid Stones in swathes of mystic fabric with tarot cards in hand and a glittery face then every weirdo would do it. But In business, as in life there are those select few tasks that are mind numbingly boring but absolutely necessary. In a way I kind of enjoy such things though. I guess that knowing that you don’t enjoy every element of what you do but that you still want to do it to the best of your ability anyway gives you that weird breed of satisfaction where you think yeah, I must be serious about this business now if I can enthuse about coming into work off my own back for a day of ironing. Activities like these feel like small but essential steps towards our bigger goals, so once they’re done you feel a definite sense of forward momentum!

It wasn’t all snail paced essentials this week though. Today we shot the first lot of our handmade stuff and got through about a third of our garments. We decided to try the Instagram shout out approach to finding models and were lucky enough to have some joyful, spirited, bubbly characters come forward The shoot was a learning curve for us, as our first session a) shooting in our studio event space  b) lighting indoor product photography and c) shooting totally new girls that we hadn’t met before. The event manager gave us full access to scout out and get to know the space beforehand though and a photographer friend of a guy who works on our floor gave us some great lighting advice that helped us figure out the essentials and achieve the soft, natural looking light that we were gunning for. As for the models, they were amazingly confident, patient and chatty. We spent the shoot discussing feminism, current affairs and great hairdos in equal measure and the overall process represented everything that we love about collaboration in creative circles. This studio has a great atmosphere to work in and brings out the best in a bunch of already-awesome people.

Photoshoot action shots courtesy of our lovely new intern Maja Novak.

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