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Size Guide

Most of our garments come in UK sizes 4-22. Make sure to check our size chart and select the size that most closely reflects your measurements to prevent sizing issues. 

Take your bust measurement around the widest part of your chest, your waist measurement around the slimmest part of your waist and your hips around your lower hips.


Dress Size (UK) Dress Size (UK) Bust (inches) Waist (inches) Hips (inches)
4 XS 31" 24" 33"
6 XS 32" 25" 34"
8 S 33" 26" 35"
10 S 35" 28" 37"
12 M 37" 30" 39"
14 M 39" 32" 41"
16 L 41" 34" 43"
18 L 44" 36" 46"
20 XL 46" 39" 48"
22 XL 48" 41" 51"

Height Guide

We offer our garments in four different lengths. Base your choice of length on your personal height to achieve the best fit. The difference between garment lengths is 2 inches per height variation.

Product Height Your Height (ft) Your Height (cm)
Petite 5’3” height and below 160cm and below
Standard 5’4”- 5’6” height 163cm-168cm height
Tall 5’7”-5’9” height 170cm-175cm height
Extra Tall 5’10” height and above 178cm height and above

We'll be Back Soon

Cosmic Drifters has temporarily closed again in order to catch up on sewing our orders. We’ve had an unprecedented increase in demand this season, combined with a decreased production capacity due to the Covid-19 social distancing measures. As such we will be taking a limited number of orders at a time in order to ensure that we can get them made and shipped within a reasonable timeframe. 

Keep in touch via Instagram @cosmicdrifters and be sure to join our mailing list.

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