Red Headed Spectre

Red Headed Spectre
21/04/2016 Jenny Cook

The past few days of British weather have been the stuff of dreams… or maybe nightmares given the widespread sightings of pale loping hoards flocking wildly into the streets to soak up those first glorious rays of Spring sunshine. I had much the same response as everyone else and probably looked equally terrifying staggering out of the dark, tomb-like cocoon that I call a home and into the light. My brother described this outfit as ‘dementor-like’, which is a wholly appropriate description of the form-enveloping shape of my Spiritual Hippie kimono. But the jokes on him! My ears and neck remain untouched by the suns lethal rays while his closely match the colour of his sassy red hair! Vamp win!

I made this top myself in a moment of creative excellence when I thought of taking a scarf which I loved but rarely wore, cutting it in half down the middle, detaching the fringe from either end, folding it in half, stitching it back together in a sack-like rectangle shape (leaving a neck whole in the middle) and re-attaching the fringe to the arm holes. Not bad eh! Especially since I paid £3 for it in a charity shop in the first place and burnout velvet is my absolute favourite fabric!

I’ve been feeling loose fitting tops and low rise jeans lately. It used to be all high waist levis, tiny belts and crop tops, which don’t get me wrong is a timelessly classic look and does great things for the butt, but… this combination of garment shapes is just sooo much more comfortable and you can eat out without opening the fly at dinner, forgetting about it and having to endure the pain of standing in front of a sea of gawping mid-level business man in Xmas cracker hats. And yes I speak from personal experience. Doh.

My kimono is from Spiritual Hippie via ASOS, the jeans are also from ASOS and all the other stuff is either second hand or handmade- cuz the environment.

Peace and love to all. Now go enjoy the sun and don’t forget your factor 50!

Jenny xo

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