Practical Sass

Practical Sass
18/05/2016 Jenny Cook

Todays look is all about practicality… except for the fact that my boobs are pretty much exposed and if I need to pee I have to get near enough naked to do so. This is never fun on nature-centric adventures unless you’re worryingly socially maladjusted. But hey, besides the glaring IMpracticalities presented, an American Apparel body + jeans, docs and flannel makes for a dang comfy combo!

I’ve never really been one for low cut tops but as a mildly self-conscious, chest-bearing rookie American Apparel gives me a sense of security that one can’t aquire through non-spandex-based fabrics. You might worry that certain parts would have the tendency to wander off and flash people of their own accord but AA keeps things firmly planted where they should be. Even better, it moves them an inch higher and closer together! Woah.

I’ve gone minimalistic this get up, accessorising with a few simple pieces of jewellery -my handmade fossil pendant, beaded bracelets and Peruvian silver rings and topping it off with round glasses and alien hair in line with my usual tendency to pay tribute to all things 90’s! I picked up the shirt for £2 at a vintage sale and wear it all the time when I’m working. I love the thick cotton and hemp-like texture. Mens shirts ftw!

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