Our Prints

Exclusive UK printed witchy & bohemian textiles designs.

Our unique print designs are what make our business special! We design all of the prints we use to create our made-to-order pieces in-house and each one is a labour of love. We spend hours researching the inspirations behind them, which mostly emerge from our geeky obsessions with mysticism, myth, popular culture and history. We spend even more hours making them! A typical print can take between 20 and 70 hours to make, which is why we don’t release them all that often, choosing top quality slow fashion over mass production. Listed below are all of our prints in order of design and release since we started out in 2015. Click each image to zoom in. We hope that you enjoy our work!

Watercolour Celestial

The Craft





Celestial Carnival

Black and White Suns and Moons

Join the Stars -discontinued

Embroidery -discontinued

Emerald Zodiac

Magenta Zodiac

Constellations -discontinued



Yin Yang

Fortune-teller -discontinued

Pink Suns and Moons

Grey Suns and Moons