Preparation for Our March Launch…

Preparation for Our March Launch…
26/02/2017 Jenny Cook
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Happy Sunday Drifters!

This week marked the coming together of a months’ worth of hard work in preparation for our March launch. Yesterday we shot our latest lookbook ‘Let’s Bewitch Them’ in a set that we built ourselves in our studio using furniture that we had to pretty much beg steal and borrow from our friends and family. The resulting setting, which we backed with black fabric had the look of an ancient, dishevelled apothecary. Something homely but worn with a slight edge of creepiness! It was so much fun to build. We had two black stage platforms to use as a stage to stand on and topped these with a rustic rug. We filled the stage with all of the curiosities we could pull together- vintage glass bottles containing potions concocted using food dyes, pictures of bug specimens to match the tone of Sarah’s’ upcoming entomology print and tonnes of wilting flowers.  Looking out from the set into our lighting set up made the whole thing feel even more like a show. While Sarah and I have never had any dramatic prowess it was nice to build a setting that we felt represented the tone of this collection and play witchy roles, pulling inspiration from all of the popular culture references that dictate our style.

We invited the gorgeous Electra Connie Carr to model with us and collaborated with two other independent brands and an amazing local make-up artist on styling. It was a collaboration made in heaven! The below pictures show Sarah and Electra in action modelling and part of the set. It looks seriously staged but a bit of savvy lighting and editing made the resulting images look phenomenal, theatrical, movie like even! We can’t wait to release this lookbook on March 1st and will follow the release up with a blog post detailing more about our process and our wonderful collaborators!

Until them I bid you adieu!

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