Our Brand New ASOS Marketplace

Our Brand New ASOS Marketplace
07/02/2017 Jenny Cook
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Evening Drifters, its Jenny here coming at you from a crumpled heap on the floor. This week has been great, but knackering. We polished off the last of our pre-order garments, put in the order for our March print releases and got a bunch of new garments designed for the next product drop on March 1st. We also launched our first little selection of ASOS goodies this morning which are looking beyond scrumptious on our brand new Marketplace page here AND we’ve up with some great collaborations and competitions which we’ll be sharing with you all in the not so distant future!

In other news I’ve grown used to the feeling of having a hoard of almost-angry butterflies careening their way around my stomach and come to see them as an ally rather than a threat. Getting out of bed has become a necessarily early affair that standardly starts with an alarm ringing through the darkness, followed by a sideways flip onto rough carpet, 5 seconds of seemingly endless groping, 3 seconds of trying to remember who/ where I am and an eventual sweeping sensation of determination to crack on with another days challenges. Like anyone who’s working their arse off to build something of genuine value I spend the rest of my time torn between feelings of balls out giddiness and impending doom. But hey ho feelings are awesome and I’m getting a taster platter of every flavour.

I think it’s fair to say that we’re pushing ourselves to the absolute limit to build a brand that reflects not only our aesthetic interests but also our moral and material values. We’re crafting a growing system that will allow us to produce garments that are a) affordable- highstreet prices for custom made garms b) top quality, Sarah and I, who are first and foremost fashion and print designers spend hours designing complex, thought out prints and garments that are durably made and don’t cut corners for the sake of fast production and c) are produced using ethical components, fairly paid labour and responsible supply chains. In a world of fast fashion it is and always will be tougher to do fashion the slow way. We’re the turtles in the race against the hares but things are really coming together this month and the constant reassurance that we’re getting from our customers that we’re being appreciated for doing this shit properly is keeping us as keen as it gets. Much love to you all! Check out our ASOS Marketplace for one of kind pieces, handmade using responsibly sourced fabrics alongside decent, quality vintage. We’ll be dropping fresh ASOS goodies on a weekly basis to all the hungover babies out there on Sundays at 11am xxx

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