Milan Fashion Week in Print

Milan Fashion Week in Print
12/10/2015 Smitch

Milan Fashion week was a feast for the eyes, which left my brain tingling with inspiration. My top picks were Gucci and Dolce and Gabbana, which unearthed an explosion of colour and Italian culture, with a very touristy feel – if that is even a thing. I won’t go into detail about the selfie sticks. The amazingly rich, decrotive prints seen at Etro were also to die for. They are now one of my top designers, after the last few seasons of amazing boho prints.

The trends I’m spotting from MFW for next season really are a mixed bag. Bold, bright conversational prints and placements, retro geometrics and modern stripes, classic botanics, romantic florals, boho paisleys, folklore and florals. I also created a category named ‘Redic’ which I decided to scrap all together and ignore. The less said about that the better.


Gucci was an eclectic mash up of floral, 18th century interiors, geometrics and placements. Lots of colour and mish-mashing prints, in a variety rich, tactile collection which deserves its own little homage.

Folklore Florals & Paisleys

One of the strongest trends from Milan was boho and folklore. It was showcased amazingly at Etro and also sneaked into the Fay runway. The amount of detail put into these prints is mind blowing, I could gaze at them for hours.

Bold Botanics

Bright, bold and tactile botanics. Florals are always important for SS and this season delivered some knock outs, mostly at D&G but with a few gems hidden in amongst other collections too.

Luisa Beccaria

Luisa Beccaria brought us the best of feminine, embroidered florals in stunning placements and all overs. There was so much embellishment and print she needed her own board too!

Bright Conversationals

A little bit of a tribute to the best of the punchy conversational prints at MFW. Conversataionals are prints that are objects or animals, polka dots or other things that are a focal point, I’ve never really understood why they call it conversational print, they just do! For me they’re always onto a winner if they feature animals, so Stella Jean (who I always love) and Emilio Pucci won brownie points here. Under the sea – totally loving this!

Abstract, bright skins

Skins are always popular, they were seen at Roberto Cavalli and Bottega Venta, but it’s the wild, primary coloured skins featured all over Versace that people are going wild over! I’m already getting asked to design and source similar prints to these for next season. If skins are your thing then go big and bold for that extra bit of 80’s glam!


Last but not least (or maybe least) the stripes. They’re in so many collections, so I just pulled out the most interesting! I find it pretty difficult to get excited about stripes, but they are alway a quick and easy way to inject some colour into an outfit.


Waaah and now Paris! ….

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