Luna Siam A/W 15-16 Print Trends- a Sneaky Preview!

Luna Siam A/W 15-16 Print Trends- a Sneaky Preview!
10/06/2015 Smitch

Now that Jenny and I have launched our Summer collection we’re turning to Autumn/ Winter and beginning to research upcoming garment and print trends for our next fabulous collection. Phew! We never stop moving when it comes to our creative output, but there really is no better feeling than that buzz you get from embarking on a new project.

I’ve isolated the main 6 print trends coming through from the runways and trend prediction reports that I feel are the most relevant to our aesthetic at Hello Margaret! and put together some snazzy print prediction boards that I thought I would share with you guys. They’re wayy too pretty not to publish and hopefully you’ll find a whole lotta inspiration in them too.

Making moodboards is always the first step of my design process as it helps me to focus my ideas more clearly, and creates a strong reference point to keep returning to throughout, to help me remain on track as new inspirations fly at me from every possible angle. Idea’s aren’t set in stone though, sometimes projects just evolve in their own unique way as the journey unravels and the best thing about designing our own line is that we’re our own bosses! We always have the freedom to play.

If you have any thought’s on these trends or any ideas you’d like us to explore in relation to these themes then give us a comment below! We love hearing from you guys, especially when you get involved in our creative process, because after all everything we make is for you… and kind of for ourselves but also for you.


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