• Hexed -August ’17

    Print & Garment design: Sarah Mitchell & Jenny Cook
    Styling: Jenny Cook
    Photography: Tom Nixon
    Make-up: Laisum Fung
    Lingerie: Urban Bird
    Models: Ellie Harker, Emily Hewitson & Jenny Cook

    Rustic furniture, morbid curiosities, candle lit spell books and stunning flora characterise the enchanting space occupied by these opulently adorned witches. Join the magic and get hexed!

  • In the Boho Den -Spring ’17

    Styling: Jenny Cook
    Photography: Jenny & Robbie Cook
    Models: Ellie Harker & Jenny Cook

    Cosmic Drifters offer our full collection of original print designs in all of our garment styles! We give you full control over the looks you choose to build with our designs. Here we’ve experimented with mixing prints, building co-ords and adding a variety of trims to our clothing to give just a glimpse of the wide variety of styling options that Cosmic Drifters has to offer. We hope to inspire you to get creative and take full advantage of our uniquely customisable collection!

  • Let’s Bewitch Them -Spring ’17

    Styling: Jenny Cook & Sarah Mitchell
    Photography: Robbie Cook
    Make-up: Laisum Fung
    Jewellery: Lief
    Lingerie: ColieCo
    Models: Jenny, Sarah & Electra Connie Carr

    Inspired by the Witches of Eastwick ‘Let’s Bewitch Them’ tells the story of three concubines casting deviant spells from their apothecary. Evil exes had better watch their backs cos’ these witches mean business… You can shop these enchanting prints now via our collection page.

  • Cosmic Coven -Autumn/ Winter ’16-’17

    Styling: Jenny Cook & Sarah Mitchell
    Photography: Robbie Cook
    Models: Jenny Cook, Sarah Mitchell, Erin Ferguson, Gemma Rayner, Lauren Pascal

    Majestic locations, grungey styling, ethereal layers and mystic prints- A/W16-17 is all about the sisterhood of the witch! Ancient, powerful settings play host to young, adventurous women, creating an air of feminine mystique.

    Come and join the coven, it’s time for witching hour…

  • Cosmic Drifters X Adorned -Summer ’16

    Styling: Jenny Cook and Sarah Gamble.
    Photography: Jodie Clegg.

    What happens when two friends with independent brands and complementary styles fill their suitcases with goodies and take a trip up north to some gorgeous druidstones? This collaboration was styled on the go, resulting in a mishmash of gypsy-witch wonders!