Bohemian Style Spotlight- Kris Sugatan and her Luxurious Layers

Bohemian Style Spotlight- Kris Sugatan and her Luxurious Layers
26/10/2015 Jenny Cook

Hello drifters! As a fellow bohemian style enthusiast who is always on the lookout for fresh faces to populate my Instagram feed (and imbue me with deep feelings of inadequacy), I thought I’d share one of my latest Insta crushes with you today! You may not have heard of her yet, but I’m thinking that she’s one to watch out for as she makes her mark on the domain of personal style.

Kris Sugatan is without a doubt one of my favourite fashion and lifestyle bloggers right now. Take a scroll through her candid Instagram feed and you’ll understand why. I guarantee that between her effortless, laid-back style, dreamy taste in interiors and enviable locale, she’ll have you white knuckled, clutching your phone, drooling in envy! Ahh hyperbole.

Sugatan’s greatest style signature is her striking use of silhouettes. Her trademark combos of loose, light layers and slouchy fits look incredibly comfortable and wearable while being unique enough to have a really high-end feel to them. She often wears distressed textures alongside more tailored outerwear which evokes the look of a free spirit with $$$- the cheeky toff gone awry who loves to run barefoot in the fields but doesn’t skimp on the artisanal macchiatos!

She lives in Ithaca, New York which can get pretty darn cold so she knows how to dress for winter climates- she’s an absolute connoisseur when it comes to sylish layering. This is a breath of fresh air when it comes to UK boho style inspo because so many bohemian fashion bloggers are from hotter areas and pretty much live in tank tops and cut-offs. Sugatan is an ambassador for those who spend their lives under muted grey skies!

Follow her on Instagram @loveyouduh and visit her blog here.

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