The Most Badass, Independent, Women-Owned Clothing Brands (Part 2)

The Most Badass, Independent, Women-Owned Clothing Brands (Part 2)
12/04/2015 Jenny Cook

In this follow up from my last article, ‘The Most Badass, Independent, Women-Owned Clothing Brands (Part 1),’ in which I talked about Waiste, Miracle Eye, Tunnel Vision, Backbite and We are Hairy People I’ve rustled up five more babe-backed businesses for you to add to your list of brand loves. Just like the others, each of these businesses started with nothing but an idea. An idea concocted by amazing women who then had the confidence to go out and grow real enterprises from scratch on the basis on their belief in the value of their ideas. That, my friends is pretty darn impressive and is exactly why they deserve our attention and appreciation. As before this list is part review, part shopping guide and part personal wish list with an overall intention of chronicling independent brands that will deliver amazing, innovative and highly covetable products for a long time to come!


Sugarhigh Lovestoned srung to life from the imaginings of two friends Ginny and Chloe that ached to create a brand reminiscent of the greatest rock & roll era in history! Saturated in 60s and 70s style, this brand oozes classic rock vibes. They’ve nailed their colour palette with rich burnt orange, mottled green and chocolate tones running through their collections that will have you pining for festival season and wishing that you were born in time to make it to Woodstock! Ginny now pioneers the venture herself from a bungalow in Maui while Ginny has a new business which you can read about next! My favourite thing about this brand (besides the obvious awesome threads) has to be their ability to create iconic vintage-inspired imagery. Their lookbooks are superb and their video work inspiring!

Sugarhigh Lovestoned have a sale on the last of their winter stock right now and but you should really keep your peepers peeled for their Spring line. I predict that it’s gonna be huge!

Sugarhigh Lovestoned Lookbook

STONED IMMACULATE VINTAGE– owned by Chloe Chippendale and her fella Chance.

On visiting Stoned Immaculate’s site it’s instantly apparent that this is the work of one of the supremely tasteful founders of Sugarhigh Lovestoned. Chloe has succeeded in building a brand image that is beyond retro. You visit her site and for a time you’re actually in the 70s, you’re there, sucked into heaven through a glorious portal and WHY WOULD YOU EVER LEAVE?! There’s one thing I can say about this high end vintage brand and it’s quality! Quality vintage, quality photography, quality video and an all-round amazing shopping experience are what you can count on from these guys. I dig their latest video beyond belief! It kind of shares the vibe of Richard Linklater’s movie Dazed and Confused and features immaculately dressed teens swanning around in 70s staples. Drool! If only high school was really like this!

Stoned Immaculate Vintage
Stoned Immaculate Vintage
Stoned Immaculate Vintage

NIN3– owned by Sideara St Claire, pictured below right.

Sideara St. Claire

NIN3 (pronounced 9) is the brain child of Sideara St. Claire, a dainty, free spirited jack of all trades that has been a vocal flash of colour in the blogosphere for a few years now. She acts, sings, designs clothing and jewellery and is generally a force to be reckoned with that will no doubt go from strength to strength as she hones her creative talents! Sideara has a penchant for fluffy things and glitter which is exemplified through her girl power tinged website that features super cute retro glitters raining lazily down the screen. Her blog, which is punctuated with photos of her gorgeous L.A. girlfriends donning her wares, offers a glimpse into the laid back, carefree lifestyle that the brand endorses. Her cute collection of easy-to-wear graphic tees make for strong staple products. They playfully capture the adolescent attitude of girls who dress primarily for fun, with slogans such as ‘I don’t need money, money needs me’ and ‘whatever mom’.

Luna Lovebad in NIN3
Shop NIN3

ETTE– owned by Lucie and Grace.

Ette is a brand that was making big ass 70s bell bottoms before they got cool again (but how great is this trend revival). I suppose you could call them the hipsters of the UK hippie community? Whatever accolades you choose to throw at them their shop earns a firm spot on our list. Between their handmade bells and two pieces and their far out vintage in 60s, 70s and 90s styles you’ll get stuck in a browsing loop for hours. Remember to stay hydrated! And oh my god how reasonable are their prices? Winners all around!

Ette clothing
Ette Clothing
Ette clothing

ADORNED– owned by mum/ daughter duo Margarita and Sarah.

Adorned started out in the early noughties when mamma Margarita started upcycling broken jewellery by re-working them with new findings. Her love for giving broken or outdated things a new lease of life was adopted by her daughter Sarah who throughout her childhood found herself fixing up t-shirts, jackets and other garms. The fun thing about this brand is that they stick firmly to their ethical mission statement of reviving staple pieces. They re-work all of their jewellery and wares according to what they come across in the ample charity shops of the North-East of England, meaning that every piece is unique, spontaneous, inspired and hella special!

Adorned clothing
Adorned clothing

Peace and love,

Cookie x

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