In Bloom

In Bloom
01/06/2016 Jenny Cook

I decided to name today’s ensemble “In Bloom” for two reasons. First off I look like a massive flower bed right now in my 90s maxi skirt and secondly the 90s maxi skirt flower bed reminds me of something that one of Nirvanas entourage would have worn back in ’92. I’ve had this awesome dress for years but despite its obvious magnificence I rarely find the time to wear it. I pulled it out of a bargain bin at a kilo sale in Salford called ‘the onion’ sometime around 2013. I remember that day well because they hadn’t bothered to stick most of their wholesale on rails and the bins were over a metre high. As a result the memorable spectacle laid out before me was a hall full of women in mostly 1950s styles with their patent leather heels poking at odd angles out from the top of bins and their red nailed, white knuckled fingers fighting for various articles of floral clothing. Good times.

I’d had my eye out for some proper grungey button down maxi dresses for a while after having developed a keen obsession with Courtney Love, Kat Bjelland and the fashion surrounding their bands Hole and Babes in Toyland. I had just written a whole article on the unique bottom-up effect that grunge had had on high end fashion, resulting in the ill received Spring ’93 Marc Jacobs collection for Perry Ellis that ended in a brisk firing. After all this investigation into my favourite subculture the natural next step was to imitate in wholeheartedly with ripped tights, panda eyes, docks and roughed up tea dresses. This dress has stood the test of time and remained a wardrobe favourite. Now I like to style it in more modern ways that could probably be described as “Tumblr grunge” rather than actual grunge (if we even know what that is anymore).

I’ve kept things simple here and styled my vintage dress with some slim fit mom jeans from ASOS, my American Apparel top and cute jewellery from Dead Bambi and Rings & Tings.

P.s. HAPPY JUNE EVERYONE! Time is speeding up I know it… Xxxo

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