Girls on Film: How to Dress Like Alexa Chung

Girls on Film: How to Dress Like Alexa Chung
05/07/2014 Jenny Cook

Hello old chaps. Guess what, it’s Girls on Film time! Wooooh yeahh *cheers*. This lady of the moment is an indisputable British style heroine. Some would probably go as far as calling her a national treasure (some being me). Having received the British style award for three years running, only to be superseded this year by the fluffy haired scamp Harry Styles, there can be no doubt that model, radio DJ, presenter and it girl Alexa Chung has an aesthetic worthy of all the accolades we could hope to bestow upon her. Her unmistakably laid back, preppy meets grungey meets twee meets really rather ridiculously hip London style is coveted by millions, including us! Here we document her staple styles and style staples…

Dungarees clad Alexa: long, short, cut off, Alexa Chung possesses an in-trump-able collection of ‘dungies’ which see her safely through all occasions.


Preppy Alexa: The girl does laid back preppy like no one else can. Mannish shirts and jumpers, loafers, brogues, lennon slippers and high waisted shorts/ skirts characterise this look. She keeps accessories minimal and tends to stick to flat shoes. When it comes to outerwear blazers, macs, boxy jackets (think Chanel) and loose cardigans set the tone. She keeps silhouettes simple and understated.  Add a Chanel bag and you’ve got the Chung factor yeayeahhh.


Rock and roll Alexa: Leather jackets, plaid shirts, chelsea boots and wayfarers and a just-got-outta-bed grunge aesthetic.


Stripey Alexa: Breton stripes are key to the Chung fashion manifesto.


Printed Alexa: when Chung does prints it tends to be super adorable. Kitschy, twee lil’ numbers, leopard print and polka dot make regular wardrobe appearances.


Red carpet Alexa: glitter, stripes, lace and loveliness. Alexa Chung pulls it all out for the red carpet. She tends to stick to her signature sartorial style, donning modest cuts and never flashing beacoup de flesh but she also adds sleeker silhouettes, luxe fabrics and big big labels to her repertoire.


Super mega hipster Alexa: basically all her style staples rolled up into one. Yup. Try not to be in love with this womans look. I dare you.


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