10/04/2016 Jenny Cook

Todays gettup leans towards the Western/ Americana region of my sartorial repertoire. My tastes tend to fluctuate along a spectrum that has teen witch at one end, bad ass rodeo woman at the other and an array of 70s/ 90s bohemian homages strung merrily inbetween. But on this particular soggy twilight evening the rodeo gods were calling me to don something whimsically dapper!

This dreamcatcher tank is from my own collection and was designed by Rick Cobbold, a video games designer turned illustrator who rather fabulously shares my taste in fantastical geeky symbolic imagery. This is one of my favourite tanks in our collection because it’s so simple and striking. When it comes to t-shirt print I think that less is often more and that bolder designs can really grab you by the balls and force you to pay attention!

I made the kimono a few years back and wear it to death every summer. The cool printed chiffon was gifted to me by a friends mum who works as a fashion buyer and periodically accumulates box loads of jazzy fabrics before offloading them on jammy sods like me. I could actually drum up a tutorial on how to make this style if anyone wants to know as it’s basically just three big rectangles stitched together with some fringe trailing across it. I love square floaty kimonos so much though and feel that for something so simple they look really stylish and ethereal.

The jeans, boots and stetson worn here are all from ASOS- my highstreet faves and the gorgeous leather belt is from Boden, but I of course snagged it in a chazza (charity shop) because I’m cheap/ poor/ conscientious….

Till next time,

Jenny xo

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