Do you have that one great dress or outfit in mind that you’ve always imagined but haven’t been able to find on the highstreet?
We may have the answer…

Cosmic Drifters design and make our whole collection of clothing in-house in our own exclusive prints. Our pieces are hugely customisable and unique. Now we’ve decided to go a step further and offer a bespoke custom dressmaking service. If you have a garment style in mind that you can’t find but would love to own, you can approach us about designing and making it. It’ll be a one-off service resulting in a totally unique piece that’s exclusive to you. We’ll take your request, sketch up a design, take your measurements and work through the entire production process with you to ensure that you get the exact results you imagined. You’ll be able to choose any one of our independent textiles print designs and select an array of available trimmings to create something truly personal and unique.

Email with the heading ‘custom order inquiry’ to find out more!

Previous work

In Spring 2016 we were approached via Instagram by a girl who loved our brand but envisaged something different to the designs we had on offer to wear to her graduation. Knowing that we designed everything ourselves she figured why not ask us to create the exact dress she wanted. She reached out and suggested that we help her realise her vision in our pink suns and moons print. We were stoked by the idea and Jenny got to work on turning her sketched concept into a reality. The image below on the left shows Bryonys initial sketch, followed by Jennys working drawing in the centre and the resulting dress on the right! Thank you Bryony for inspiring up to extend this service to others and stretch our own design skills!