Let’s Talk About Crochet!

Let’s Talk About Crochet!
22/04/2015 Smitch
In Style Style Style!

Hello all! So, unless you have been living under a rock for the last few weeks, you must have noticed a rising trend for all things crochet! Its everywhere on the high street, and I must say this excites my inner Granny greatly! 70’s 70’s 70’s is everywhere! You can’t escape it. Suede is set to be a big seasonal staple fabric too, find it adorned with an excessive amount of fringing and you’re on to a winner! But back to my current obsession… CROCHET.

I somehow ended up in Topshop at the weekend. As much as I do try to either buy vintage or make my own clothes I can’t help but splurge out once in a while and sometimes find myself on the highstreet  without even realising my feet have taken me there. So that happened, and I was suddenly surrounded by all things crochet- cute 70’s summer ivory tops, bright, colourful, youthful patchwork – think granny blankets plus fringing – it almost made me cry with happiness! Then there was the more sultry, witchy take on the trend, with swathes of velvet crochet mixed with black, black, black! Yes, yes, yes. I may have to turn to that well known trick of literally freezing my debit card inside a big block of actual ice to prevent myself from going back in there and buying it all. Either that or a set aside time for a serious vintage hunt. Ebay all the way!

Alas. It you’ve gone crochet crazy too and don’t have time to take the vintage route then I’ve compiled a selection of my favourites from the high street for you drool over. – Enjoy! Peace out – Smitch xx

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