19/02/2017 Jenny Cook
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Happy Sunday Drifters. This week has been so inspiring. The submissions that we’ve had come in for the design your own dress competition are next-level awesome. Seriously are all of our Instagram followers fashion students or what? We’ve seen several already where we’ve thought yeah, we’d LOVE to make that, but unfortunately time and necessity dictate that we must only pick one. We’re going to make damn sure to list all of the runners up in our blog post too though because wow! It’s so lovely having daily doses of inspiration flying at us via email.
In other news our sample pieces for the new collection are very nearly ready for a weekend of shooting and I can safely say that for a business run by artists (who are notoriously away with the fairies) Cosmic Drifters has evolved into a pretty well oiled machine *insert that arm muscle flexing emoticon thing*. We can’t wait to get these pieces shot and listed on our virtual shelves because you’re definitely going to dig them. If you’d like to see a glimpse of the themes that our spring collection will explore then take a peek at our shoot inspiration moodboard on Pinterest. It’s where we’ll be pinning our inspirations for upcoming lookbook themes and will give a cheeky indication of what to expect next… We’re amping up the sultry undertones with this one but with a natural vibe to our styling. Tousled hair and smoky eyes will reign supreme…
We’ve also set up a customer style board on Pinterest to document all of the finest style inspiration from across our coven. All of the hippie-witchy-90s-homage ways in which you guys have been styling our wares are so freaking excellent that we had to tie them all together in one place! Tag your looks #cosmicdrifterscoven to be featured and peruse the board for styling tips from real life cosmic drifters.

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