Cosmic Drifters Design Your Own Dress Competition -Deadline 26/02/17

Cosmic Drifters Design Your Own Dress Competition -Deadline 26/02/17
11/02/2017 Jenny Cook
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Do you have that one great dress or outfit in mind that you’ve always imagined but not been able to find on the highstreet?
We may have the answer…

As you know we Drifters design and make our whole collection from scratch in our own exclusive prints. From mid-March we’ll also be offering a bespoke custom orders service. If you have a garment in mind for a special occasion you’ll now be able to approach us about designing and making it. It’ll be a one off service resulting in a totally unique piece that’s exclusive to you. We’ll take your request, sketch up a design idea, take your measurements and work through the entire production process with you to ensure that you get the exact results you imagined. You’ll be able to choose any one of our independent textiles print designs and select an array of available trimmings to create something truly personal and unique.

To give an idea of the kind of work we can do we’re offering you the opportunity to have your dream garment custom made for free! This week only we’re taking submissions for garment ideas. Email a simple sketch to under the heading ‘Cosmic Drifters design your own dress submission’ and we’ll choose our favourite design to make up absolutely free. Select your choice of print from ‘our prints’ page and include this image in the submission. The sketch doesn’t have to be a work of art! It can just be a doodle that expresses the basic idea you have in mind.

Last summer we were approached via Instagram by a girl who loved our brand but wanted something even more show stopping than the designs we had on offer to wear to her graduation. Knowing that we were print and garment designers by trade she reached out and suggested that we help her realise her vision in our pink suns and moons print. We were stoked by the idea and had so much fun turning her sketched concept into a reality. Thank you Bryony for inspiring up to extend this service to others and start an exciting new Drifters enterprise. It’s amazing how much our network inspires us every day to become better at what we do and keep growing as designers.

The competition deadline is Saturday 25/02 so share this thing with anyone who has a penchant for dress design and get your submissions on in to us! The winner will be announced on the blog on Wednesday 01/03 alongside all of the runners up.
Much love to all!
Jen & Sarah xx

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  1. Stacy 9 months ago

    Where is the winner? ? It’s the 1st of May

    • Author
      Jenny Cook 9 months ago

      Apologies for the lateness Stacey! It was a hectic weekend trying to get the new launch ready and we fell a little behind. All will be revealed today! Xo

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