Cosmic Drifters Design Competition Winner!

Cosmic Drifters Design Competition Winner!
02/03/2017 Jenny Cook
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We are extremely chuffed to announce the winner of our design your own dress competition. We had a few really good submissions but this was the one that clearly stood out to us and made us think YES, that dress needs to exist! The entry by Astrid Shapiro would, in her own words ‘be a dreamy, billowing tent dress, with a velvet collar and bow, bishop sleeves, and tight buttoned cuffs fastened with a row of covered buttons.’ We love how well thought out and thorough the design work was and how the description and image together really evoke strong visuals! The dress style also fits the print perfectly. They both have a dreamlike quality and combine in absolute fashion harmony! Thank you Astrid. This dress is going to be hella fun to make and you’ll soon have a totally unique custom-made dress.

We’ll be blogging about the process of making this dress, from pattern cutting to production so keep your peepers peeled. This is all part of a precursor to a new service that we’re planning on offering very soon! Making Astrid’s dress will not only be an awesome collaboration but also an opportunity for us to show off our garment production skills and demonstrate the benefits of slow fashion. Custom tailoring isn’t a widely offered service nowadays, certainly not at the affordable prices that we’ll be offering and we’re hoping that we’ll be able to make custom made clothing appealing and accessible to a whole new audience of young, stylish peeps! If you ever need an outfit for an occasion, from graduations to wedding then call of your friendly neighbourhood cosmic drifters!

We were also pretty keen on these ideas! The top two dress ideas are by Irina Cucu, the playsuit is by Josephine Longhurst and the cold shoulder dresses are by Erin Halliday. We see some definite designer potential here!

Much love, Jen & Sarah xx

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