Sunday Summary 6- Shooting our Cosmic Drifters Brand Video

Sunday Summary 6- Shooting our Cosmic Drifters Brand Video
12/02/2017 Jenny Cook
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Happy Sunday Drifters!

This week has been a truly hectic one filled with a bunch of new challenges alongside the usual intense level of collaborative spirit. Woooh *waves flag for independent artistry*. The more I learn about being an entrepreneur the more I feel that it can largely be characterised by an ongoing cluelessness over what ones job actually is. The description changes on a daily basis to the point where while I once described myself as a fashion and print designer I’m no longer 100% sure. This week I was a stylist, “actor” (not my forte), photographer, seamstress and customer service extraordinaire. I guess that’s why we do this stuff, to keep building and growing and challenging ourselves!

We had D5 Media in on Friday shooting content for a Cosmic Drifters brand video we’re putting together to explain what we’re all about. Sarah and I went about our usual daily activities in camera, only in an overly self-aware manner that betrayed the fact that we are definitely not actors. The result should be a fun little insight into our working methods, inspirations and Cosmic lifestyle! Looking back at the footage there’s no doubting that we’re space cadets through and through. We’ve almost become parodies of ourselves but hey ho I love our balls-out commitment to our spacey, witchy infatuations.

We also met up with the awesome dude who’s going to shoot our March collection lookbook this week. His background is in glamor photography- nothing too out there or misogynist mind! We’re looking forward to combining his familiarity with the female form with our natural, tousled hippie-witch vibes to create results that are sexually empowering and centre around female fortitude. I actually can’t wait to shoot because this guy knows his stuff and is a straight up lovely dude!

Check out this mornings ASOS listings for handmade bohemian goodness. We’ll be listing new pieces every Sunday at 11am from now.

Jenny xx

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