Calling all Illustrators! Get Involved in Our Exciting, Collaborative Crowdfunding Project…

Calling all Illustrators! Get Involved in Our Exciting, Collaborative Crowdfunding Project…
21/10/2015 Jenny Cook
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10 illustrators, 10 t-shirt designs, 1 theme- “Bewitched”, a project by Cosmic Drifters
The Cosmic Drifters duo want you to get involved in an exciting opportunity to have your work included in a collaborative, illustrated t-shirt collection. The theme of the collection, ‘Bewitched’, stems from our personal fascination with the occult in fiction, one which we know a lot of illustrators in our network share. It will incorporate all things mystical and magical, from celestial motifs to ancient symbolism; resulting in an eclectic, enchanting collection of witchy designs! We’re planning on bringing together ten illustrators to create one design each, in their own illustrative style, according to our chosen theme. We will then market and sell the collection as one unified whole, with equal credit to each illustrator.
  • To enable a group of talented, passionate, entrepreneurial artists to make money from their work through offfering an affordable, quality product to customers.
  • To present the group with the opportunity to reach a wider audience, and showcase their individual artistic style to followers who share their tastes and interests.
  • To bring together a generous, sharing network of like-minded, creative individuals with similar interests and motivations, and encourage the formation of lasting bonds between them. Because when it comes to commercialising creativity it’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know!
We’ve managed to get our hands on the technology to produce high quality sublimation printed t shirts. We’re all set up to manufacture large orders from our business’ base in Leeds, West Yorkshire. We’re offering to handle all production and shipping of these t-shirts. All you have to do is submit your design and give us a little help with promotion. In return you’ll receive 50% of the profit from the sale of your design as well as involvement with an inspiring network of artists and guaranteed exposure to new appreciators of your work! The designs produced will be marketed to both men and women.

We’ll be setting up a crowdfunding campaign to finance our project. This will require everyone involved to take a hands on approach to marketing the campaign. By joining our team of 10 designers, you will be able to reach the following of each of the 9 other designers, while helping them reach your own. This will make us collectively more likely to reach a large enough audience to successfully launch this project – it’s all about strength in numbers! Read what Entrepreneur has to say about what makes a successful crowdfunding campaign HERE and click HERE for information about crowdfuning via our chosen platform, Kickstarter.

  • Applicants must be willing to do an equal share of promotion. The whole point of the project is to take a group of artists that have a modest but growing online following and introduce their work to a wider audience. This will involve sharing images on social media, tweeting, telling friends and family about the project on Facebook and generally making a bit of a racket about this venture!
  • Applicants must have a collaborative attitude and enjoy a bit of camaraderie! If you share all work included we’ll have a better chance of meeting our crowdfunding target. The more you share, the more people will see our work and the more followers and customers we’ll all reach!
  • Format: Your submission must be a high resolution JPEG image (around 300).
  • Style: You can use manual or digital illustrative techniques to create your design- include pens, paint, typography, dyes- whatever medium you fancy. Personally I hand-draw most of my prints with fine liner pens, then photograph the designs and use Photoshop to digitise them, but anything goes!
  • Size: Designs must measure within 44cm by 32cm.
  • Colour and design limitations: This collection will be printed digitally, which means no colour restrictions! We will be printing exclusively onto crisp white t-shirts which show vivid colour and striking detail. Do however keep in mind the constraint of print size and ensure that your design will be suited to 44cm by 32cm or smaller dimensions.
  • Multiple submissions: Feel free to submit more than one piece of artwork for consideration in this project. However as the idea of an equal collaborative effort is central to the projects goals only one design per artist will be produced.
  • We can print designs on the front, back or both sides of our tees!

If you’d like to mock up the placement of your design you can use this charmingly lo-fi template to position it.

Send your submissions via email to Please include links to your social media- Instagram, Tumblr etc so that we can link up if we haven’t already. Post any questions you may have about this project in the Facebook comments box at the bottom of this blog post.

Due to a large number of artists having requested more time to complete their work on this project we have extended the submission deadline to Monday November 23rd. This way everyone who has expressed an interest in getting involved can have a go!
Thank you so much for the huge response to this venture. It’s so exciting to know that there are so many other enthusiastic, independent creatives out there and we can’t wait to select our designs on the 23rd.

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