Bohemian-Luxe: Take on Winter in Technicolour

Bohemian-Luxe: Take on Winter in Technicolour
07/07/2015 Jenny Cook

The transition from summer to winter can be a trying time. Days get shorter, nights get longer and wardrobes begin to take on drab, mottled tones that accentuate the bleak disposition that sneaks into our collective consciousness. In the darkest months of January and February we traipse sullenly about our daily business- collars high, umbrellas pulled down like a shield against prospective social interaction, our eyes transfixed, unfocused on soggy grey tarmac as we shuffle past each other with no regard for the mottled tones that stimulate neither sight nor imagination. But very occasionally something amazing happens. A flash of colour, a glimmer of gold and ochre tones carried upon the feather-like vehicle of fine suede fringe catches our attention just long enough to break our downward gaze. We look around wearily, focusing our bleary eyes. Through the grey mist of rain, tarmac, concrete and mottled tones a resplendent figure stands tall and joyful in a floor length patchwork silk gown, cinched at the waist with a rich leather belt and topped with a luxurious afghan style embroidered waistcoat. The thick grey clouds part and for the first time in months the sun streaks down upon this angelic figure, carried by the heavenly celestial bodies known as Stella Jean, Burberry Prorsum and Etro. We shake our heads in disbelief. The curse of winter is broken, we see in technicolour once more and we thank this bohemian- luxe trend for opening our eyes. These moodboards document some of my favourite bohemian-luxe outfits from the autumn/ winter 15-16 catwalks. I hope that they inspire you to become as melodramatically verbose as I did, or you know, just think that they’re really frikkin awesome. Until we meet again I bid you adieu, Jenny x Bohemian-Luxe-moodboardFolk-Embroidery-moodboard

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