Alien Flower Child

Alien Flower Child
03/05/2016 Jenny Cook

This is absolutely the most ‘summery’ outfit I’ve had the pleasure of wearing so far this year. Admittedly a whole set of leggy goose pimples did make an appearance wearing this, as they have the tendency to do in Spring in Britain, but look at the sky!!! Blue as it gets! I super mega love this gettup for helping me break my black-jeans-wearing streak in delightful technicolour fashion. The co-ords used to be a dress that Minkpink were selling a couple of years back. I picked it up on Ebay after having stalked the sold out print for months, but the overly soft and delicate fabric had stretched through washing so that the waistband was down by my waist. Rather than despair at the loss of the best print I’d seen on the highstreet in forever, I decided to lop it in half, hem the top and add a simple elasticated waistband to the skirt. I’m pretty stoked to have wangled two items of clothing out of one and having created a unique two piece that only I own out of a highstreet dress that you’re bound to see a whole bunch of people moseying about in. Re-working win!!

Speaking of things that everyone wears, my Levi denim jacket pretty much fits that description but I don’t even care because it’s a classic precisely because Levi’s are awesome. It’s a mens size small that I picked up in a charity shop for around four quid and I love it for the sheer fact that it goes with everything and acts as a great canvas for my collection of weird and wonderful pins which I regularly circulate through my wardrobe. These ones are all by awesome, independent, female entrepreneurial artists who deserve some serious props for their inventive creative outputs. The cute tattoo style hand full o’ flowers is by Wren Dennis who manages Oddfellows Tattoo Collective in Leeds at the same time as studying in her final year of art college and helping fellow Leeds-based artist Bobbi Rae run her collaborative, empowering artists network Sister Said. I’m pretty sure that she also owns one of the few existing time turners (how else) and she has a website here. The super whimsical, gender neutral ‘floaty babe’ is by Bobbi who owns Sister Said and sells her wonderful pieces via her online store here. And finally the freaky looking babies face glued to a big ass frilly love heart brooch is one of jewellery designer Megan Peterson’s early creations. She doesn’t do the cutting up dolls thing so much anymore but it will always remain a fond phase in her heart (naww) and she still designs and makes really awesome jewels. I love keeping tabs on her creations via Instagram here. Man introducing people is fun.

Until next time,

Jenny out. *Mic drop* xx

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